12 de outubro de 2011



You were right, Varina. Vengeance alone is not enough.
To become like you enemy is to lose to him. But what's important isn't our living or our dying... but this new thing we've created, however briefly. A world without slaves. And if you die, will tell that story?
Live, so that I will live. So that we will live on. So that it wont be wasted or forgotten.

Dialogue 01

- Did you see the look he gave you, Varinia?
- I didn't. And even if I had.. I wouldn't care.
- What sort of look.
- What look you... what look... you tell me.

I made a promise once to tell our story. It began in a small village in Gaul, where I was born a free woman. Then the Romans distroyed my world and made me a slave. Nothing and no once could stand agains the Romans.
But Rome herself was torn by conflict. Bloody civil was raged for years between plebeian and their rivals, the patricians by senator Marcus Crassus, the richest man in the world. As a child, he had seen his father murdered in the Forum.
Crassus had risen from the ashes of his family's defeat to unlimited welth and ambition.

Ambition kept in check only by his rivals like Antonius Agrippa. The civil wars were over. Men smiled at one another in public. But the fighting never stopped.

Dialogue 02:

- Fishing for votes?
- No, just enjoying our democratic way of life.
- A new wine. From Spain.
- Delicius. But I like your cupbearer better. Any news from Spain along with the wine?
- A great victory by Pompey.
- Another? The man is positively boring in his triumphs. I shall console my self with the way Crassus must feel.

Dialogue 03:

Man_1 - Pompey's no great warrior the got so fat on the riches of his triumphs he can't ride his horse.
Crassus - Disparage Pompey all you like but the man get's the job done.
Man_2 - Victory over a handful of vermin ridden Gaulish peasants is hardly the mark of military distinction.
Man_1 - They say he will be Consul.
Crassus - This grape is not to my satisfaction. More wine... I think I'm going to borrow your life, Cornelius.

The welth of a man like Crassus could be seen in gold or silver but it's true measure was in flesh. Thousands of slaves. They lived out their short lives in a world of suffering at the whim of their masters.
No Roman citizens gave then a second thought.

Dialogue 04:

- Greetings, citizens. Today we offer a group of barbariaus from Gaul courtesy of the great Pompey.
- Batiatus. What brings you up from Capua?
- The same thing as you, I would imagine. My stock need freshening.
- Although how a man from the country can bid against a Senator.
- I might as well go home.
- A modest man from the country? your is widely known as the finest gladitorial school in all Italy.
- You flatter me.
- No, not in the least.
- Look at this beauty. And a virgin.
- A virgin. Given the appetite of our frontier troops, I doubt that.
- Being a virging is overrated.
- It's just an excuse to inflate the price.
- Good teeth. Wide hips and an excellent breeder.
- Magnificent.
- She's easy on the eye, i'll grant you but these Gauls have thin blood. They rarely last the winter. I'd be like throwing your money away.
- Why, Batiatus, are you in love? Don't worry my friend. I won't bid against you.
- Of course.
- Five hundred sesterces!
- Done!

Dialogue 05:

- How can the senate choose Pompey over you as the next consul?
- It would be a close vote. I bought you a gift.
- It's beautiful. You are too generous.
- Am I? Well, I suppose i might be... show me.

In the arms of the richest man in Rome and her husband's best friend. Helena might be forgiven her ignorance of the bracelet's origin. It's true cost.

What is hell? Hell is that place where the simplest action become painfull. Where it hurts to walk, to breathe, even to think. The gold mines of Egypt were such as hell.
Among the Thracian slaves condemned to an early death. One would shake the Roman world. His name Spartacus.

Dialogue 06

- Pick it up!
- Stop! So he's a Thracian, yes?
- Worse. He's an animal.
- Good. That's even better. This is your lucky day, Thracian.

Dialogue 07

- What kind of a place is this?
- Move!
- Fresh meat.
- Slint your hole! Get back to work. You stink, animals. Clean your selves.
- This way.
- I want these cut into this slices. I wouldn't give this to a dog!
- I could get used to this. I am Gamricus. This is Spartacus.
- David the Jew. He never talks. Some say he can't. You're Thracian? The crowd like Thracians.
- Be quiet, Nordo. Eat.
- Didn't get your name, friend?
- You're not my friend. I don't wanna know your name, your story.
- Why not?
- I might meet you in the arena some day, and then i'll kill you.
- Why wait?
- You'll have plenty of chances to fight. Save it for when you have no choice. Eat.

to be continue

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