11 de julho de 2015

Photoshop Tutorial : Flawless Skin Retouching (Frequency Separation)

Photoshop Tutorial : Flawless Skin Retouching (Frequency Separation)

Publicado em 20 de ago de 2014
EP: 1
In this online tutorial using adobe photoshop CS6, I am showing you a super fast and Easy technique for Skin Retouching as well as eliminating hair on the ace and body while keeping the skin texture perfectly in tact using Frequency Seperation. This a great photo editing technique for any photographer who shoots fashion, beauty, portraits and even head shots.

Have Fun!

All Photography was shot by yours truly Phoenix White at Emkron Studios www.emkron.net

Music by: Tinush
Photography & Retouching by Me - Phoenix White
Makeup By: Elaina Badro

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Step By Step Directions
1. Make 2 Duplicate Layers : Color & Texture

2. Color Layer : Filter - Blur - Gaussian Blur

3. Texture Layer : Image - Apply Image • Scale - 2 • Offset - 128 • Layer - Color • Blending - Subtract - then press ok

Texture Layer - Blending Mode - Linear Light

4. Tools: Clone Stamp - Opacity 30-60% Flow 55%

5. Highlight the Layers - Drag them to the folder icon

6. Color Layer : Tools Panel - Clone Stamp or Patch Tool

7. Clone Stamp : Increase Brush Size - Opacity 20-30%

If you have any questions please feel free to ask.




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